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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) under the Balochistan Rule of Law program as a capacity –building initiative Balochistanhas conducted two three daysseparate trainings of Police Officers and prosecutors of Balochistan.

In the training the Police Officers House Station Officers (SHOs) and prosecutors of Balochistan police and prosecution department were trained. The highly skilled and trained master trainers delivered lectures on the topics. The facilitators ensured the breadth of knowledge and the scope of delivery and knowledge gain.

The training modules were designed support Balochistan’s law enforcement community to meet the challenges faced by the police and prosecution departments. The course modules designed to impart maximum knowledge to police and prosecution officers about the development and registration of FIRs and the collection of forensic evidence, its use and relevance as an ad missive evidence for conviction.

The 50 participants from across the province from police and prosecution department of Balochistan attended the training held at Quetta. The UNODC facilitators Mr. Rashid Bhati Consultant on Forensic Science Rule of Law Delivery Unit Balochistan and Mr. Abdul Rehman facilitated the training workshops respectively.

During the training participants were given brief lectures, case scenarios and case studies on introduction and basics of development and registration of FIRs, use of forensic evidence, before trial prosecution objectives and how to prepare evidence parcel.

This training will enhance skills of police officers and persecutors to develop and register FIRs and use forensic evidence as admissive evidence for conviction. Definitely, it will help the police personnel and prosecutors to perform their duties efficiently and will lead to provision of justice. This will enhance the efficiency of police and prosecution departments and will enable them to effectively use the forensic evidence for conviction.