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The Government of the Balochistan, in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has proudly launched the revalidated Rule of Law Roadmap 2023-2026 as a groundbreaking initiative that aims to take the rule of law reforms to the next level through key legislative, policy, and procedural changes and targeted capacity building measures.

The revalidated Rule of Law Roadmap (RoLR) is a seminal document developed through a rigorous process of evaluation and course-correction to mark the beginning of second generation of rule of law reforms. It is grounded in the solid achievements and lessons of its previous phase of Rule of Law Roadmap, which was established in 2018 as a flagship programme of the Government of Balochisitan to deliver result-based rule of law reforms.

The revalidated Rule of Law Roadmap sets the direction towards enacting reforms aimed at enhancing the justice sector in Balochistan and providing citizens with better and more responsive judicial services. It is backed by the solid commitment of the Government of Balochistan under the newly granted PC-I (PKR 500 million) earmarking financial resources that will go a long way in implementing sustainable rule of reforms in Balochistan.

In addition, the enduring cooperation and partnership of the Government of Balochistan with UNODC has played a catalytic role in the realization of the revalidated Rule of Law Roadmap 2023-2026, which is strategically repositioned to improve institutional response to provide accessible justice system.

Through the UNODC’s technical support, the Institutions across the rule of law chain have consistently shown their dedication to the Roadmap’s results-based strategy by establishing its foundation in solid baselines, periodic stock takes and data analytics to inform policy. Further, the international partners, particularly European Union have provided substantial financial support towards the revalidation of the Rule of the Roadmap. In addition, UNDP and UN Women have also contributed with useful insights and inputs in the formulation of the revalidated Roadmap.

The revalidated RoLR is also informed by the key findings of an independent evaluation of the 1st phase of RoLR that has helped to appropriately fine-tune its reform strategy to results planning, monitoring through a more systematic approach to the use of evidence and data for the purpose of effective decision making.

With continuous technical guidance of the UNODC, the implementation of the revalidated Roadmap will strengthen the capacities of the Rule of Law (RoL) institutions through collaborative, financial, legislative, and hands-on support.

As the Government of Balochistan gears up to implement the revalidated Rule of Law Roadmap, it is all set to deliver quality and timely services to citizens, especially marginalized and women, in a coherent, impartial, equitable, transparent and accountable manner.