30th September 2021

A Training Needs Assessment (TNA) was conducted for Criminal Justice System, Institutions, and Individuals held at DU Rule of Law, headed by UNODC. Keeping in view the priority to capacitate and equip the human capital, further improving the provision of policing and justice services to the people of Balochistan. It was considered pertinent to conduct a training need assessment of the criminal justice institutions, prior to making any financial or effort investments in the human resource development. It is going to confirm the relevant, judicious, and timely use of resources, bringing the desired and sustainable impact on the performance of institutions and individuals.

The effective way to conduct the need assessment of the criminal justice system is while blending the isolated approach with the integrated system approach. By the understanding, the institutions in the criminal justice system perform their respective functions having regular interactions and remaining interdependent of each other. The capacity of one institution in the system context is going to affect the results or impact of the complete system.

The following stakeholders and training institute are the joint partners in the conduct of the training need assessment of the criminal justice sector in the province of Balochistan: –

  1. The Home and Tribal Affairs Department, Government of Balochistan.
  2. Criminal Justice and Legal Reforms Programme, UNODC COPAK.
  3. Balochistan Police.
  4. Balochistan Levies.
  5. Balochistan Prosecution Department.
  6. Balochistan Prison Department.
  7. Balochistan Reclamation and Probation Department.
  8. Balochistan Judicial Academy.