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26th October 2021
EU Delegation with the UNODC Country Office team visited the office of Secretary Prosecution Dr. Umer Khan Babar and met with other officers of Prosecution Department. Secretary Prosecution welcomed them and gave them a presentation explaining the objectives of the Prosecution Service of Balochistan and then highlighted the events which led to the creation of the Prosecution Department. He explained the formation of linkages with the Police, Levies, Judiciary and the Forensic Science Lab.
He appreciated the support extended by UNODC which included joint training sessions and workshops for Police and Prosecutors and informed that so far 400 police and prosecution officials including females have been trained on Police Prosecution Cooperation.  He quoted the guideline manual (English/Urdu) for prosecutors prepared by UNODC and the E-learning Center which is established and operational.
He informed the delegation that Pakistan Prosecution Forum (PPF) is holding its meetings regularly with the support of EU and UNODC.
Mr. Seven Ruesch (EU) said we are here to see/witness the work of our steering agencies and for this purpose we have met with all the stakeholders.
Ms. Jouhaida Hanano said that from the support of EU not only Prosecution Department will benefit rather all the criminal justice institutions will benefit and that it takes lot of time to make more and more advancement.