28th October 2021
EU delegation along with UNODC team visited the Rule of Law Delivery Unit (DU) at Home and Tribal Affairs Department Quetta to review overall Rule of Law performance and progress on the work modalities of the DU. The consultants at the DU introduced them selves and briefed regarding their role in the DU and how they are compensating the bridging of the DU with the stakeholders of the Rule of Law Roadmap.
The Rule of Law Website and DBMIS was presented with features on its effectiveness in data collection and analysis of all the Criminal Justice Institutions evolving in the RoL cycle on one platform. The baseline process and initiative of the first-ever data collection phase at such an extended scale within these departments was displayed, which was appreciated and applauded by the delegation.
The upcoming initiatives were presented and discussed by the teams aligned with the Action Plan extracted from the objectives of the RoL Roadmap document.